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P-R-O-C-E-S-S and Its Role in Your Success


Everyone has a method to their madness. We all do things a specific way whether it is force of habit or we are striving to achieve a particular outcome. We all have a process in everything we do. Have you ever sat back and considered the importance of defined processes in your practice? Process is a fascinating concept, think of it this way. People Require Operational Course to Experience Significant Success! It’s true…you need to pave a roadmap for your staff to deliver your desired results. Expectations cannot be met if they are not communicated.

How do you do this?
  • Start with your why. What is the reason you get up every morning and walk through the doors of your practice? What tone would you like to set for the patient experience? Build a practice culture around your why.
  • Set goals for your staff that relate to your practice culture. What metrics must be delivered in order to ensure your patients are receiving the quality of care you aspire to deliver?
  • Motivate and inspire your staff to achieve your desired results. You are a team! Lead by example and make sure to recognize your staff for achievements and talk them up within their areas of opportunity.
  • Inspect what you expect and coach in the moment. Your staff is key in the success of your business. Listen to their interactions to ensure they are both communicating effectively and confident in their messaging. It’s also important to identify their interactions align with your practice culture. Following the patient interaction, pull them aside and communicate what you observed. Present suggestions around opportunities and celebrate wins.
  • Hold your staff accountable! Follow up on individual/practice goals to ensure the processes in place around practice objectives are being adhered to. Create development plans for staff members that are not meeting their goals and connect with them regularly to track their progress.

Your practice is only as strong as the culture you build within it. Every staff member must understand the importance of their role in the overall success of the business. Processes provide a substructure for the prosperity of each staff member and your business overall.


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Ximara Vega

Ximara Vega

Ximara is a spirited ABO Certified Optician with over a decade of experience in optical staff management, sales, customer service, merchandising and practice operations. As the proud owner of several dozen pairs of prescription eyewear, she believes in the power of strong recommendations and the need for multiple pairs for both functionality and fun. Ximara is passionate about the growth of independent practices and will work with you to develop processes designed to motivate and inspire positive change in staff training, goal setting, sales and inventory management.