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Nurturing Relationships: The Root of Your Success


I have a plant named Albert that I love dearly. I do not consider myself a “plant person,” but I inherited him from a co-worker 3 years ago because he was on the brink of death and they didn’t have the desire to care for him. I did a bunch of research to uncover Albert’s species and the steps needed to be taken to bring him back to good health, had he died at that point I would have carried on with business as usual. Last week I discovered mites in Albert’s soil and fuzzy white spots on his branches. To my dismay, Albert was infected with Mealybugs. I needed to purchase new soil, wash his pot and rocks, spray his branches with a solution and re-pot him. This isn’t the first time I had to nurse Albert back to health, but this time around I am emotionally invested. You know what that means? Stress!!!! My poor Zebra plant is sick. How could I let this happen? Will he get better? This stress is caused by the fear of loss.

How does this relate to optical? When one becomes emotionally invested there is much more at stake. This is why it is imperative to:

  • build personal connections with your patients
  • prescribed what they need from the chair
  • transition the patient to the optical with a warm hand-off
  • build trust through conversation
  • reinforce what was prescribed by linking to personal details uncovered in conversation
  • utilize a Best, Better, Good approach and overcome objections by informing patients of what they will be losing by choosing products below the recommended tier

I firmly believe that quality of care is what separates independent practices from corporate entities and online optical businesses. It means a great deal when you are made to feel others truly have your best interest at heart and you are more likely to buy into their recommendations. Invest in your patients by taking time to nurture your relationships.


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Ximara Vega

Ximara Vega

Ximara is a spirited ABO Certified Optician with over a decade of experience in optical staff management, sales, customer service, merchandising and practice operations. As the proud owner of several dozen pairs of prescription eyewear, she believes in the power of strong recommendations and the need for multiple pairs for both functionality and fun. Ximara is passionate about the growth of independent practices and will work with you to develop processes designed to motivate and inspire positive change in staff training, goal setting, sales and inventory management.