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Many of Our Patients Choose Us Because…



Can you complete that sentence?

In one of my presentations titled “The Science of Selling: The Psychology Behind Why People Buy” I ask the audience this very question. This usually gets a mixed reaction of affirmative heads nods and looks of uncertainty.

My point in asking this is to inquire about differentiation. In the minds of your patients, how are your products and services different from your competitors? Some examples could be extraordinary customer service, unique frame lines, convenient hours, a technologically advanced office, or specialty services like vision therapy or a dry eye clinic.

There are two rules for differentiation of a product or service. 1) It must be unique to the consumer. 2) It must matter to the consumer. If it’s not in someway unique, then price becomes a focal point. Where can I get this for the cheapest price? If it doesn’t matter to the consumer, then it’s not relevant. Why do I need this at all?

I include this in a presentation about selling because the mind of the consumer is driven by two dominant buying motives – desire for gain and fear of loss. In simple terms, people don’t enjoy parting with money (fear of loss), so if we want them to purchase, we must demonstrate how gain outweighs loss.

I’ll use Neurolens, an IDOC vendor partner, as an example. Neurolenses are more than just “computer lenses” that every competitor of yours sells, they are the only lenses that add a contoured prism that has been shown to relieve the headaches, neck/shoulder pain and eyestrain that many people experience when using digital devices.

In the mind of the patient, you are no longer just a business that sells eyewear, you are a practice that provides unique solutions to many of the common symptoms of digital eye strain. Practices that utilize this technology can make this claim.

Why do patients choose you?


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Steve Vargo

Steve Vargo

Steve Vargo, OD, MBA is a 1998 graduate of Illinois College of Optometry. After working in clinical optometric practice for several years, Dr. Vargo pursued his passion for practice management by earning his Masters of Business Administration (MBA) degree from the University of Phoenix in 2008. A published author and speaker with 15 years of clinical experience, he serves as IDOC’s Optometric Practice Management Consultant. Dr. Vargo advises optometric alliance members in all areas of practice management and optometric office operations.