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Gotta Believe!


Does your staff truly believe in the value you provide?

It is demonstrably true that if you have a passion for a product, your enthusiasm is actually very difficult to contain. Getting behind a product is almost inevitable if you are a satisfied customer yourself.

Are you trying to coach your staff to get behind products that they either do not completely understand, or have personal experience with? Or worse, don’t think they are worth the price? If you are measuring performance and doing everything right, but the numbers aren’t moving, ask yourself, “How can I demonstrate the value of and the difference in the products we sell?”

Well….... are all of your employees wearing your eyeglasses?

I have heard employees responding to customers or complaining to coworkers that they “cannot afford the eyeglasses here.” Wow. If a patient asks a staff member if they bought their eyewear here, there are only two acceptable responses: “Not yet, I’m waiting for mine to come in, I’m so excited!” or “Yes, I absolutely love them!”

Consider your employees your most important customers. If the employee has successfully completed their probation period and you know that they will be a permanent member of your team, provide them with the same experience your customers will get. A pair of terrific eyeglasses, along with the complete fitting experience with the optician, will allow them to easily convey their satisfaction to your patients, as well as, their friends and family. The return on investment will be a significant increase in enthusiasm and confidence, particularly for employees who have complex needs or wear progressives 100% of the time. As an added bonus, in this competitive labor market, this is another benefit you can offer potential employees. You can offset the cost of this program by accepting any VCP they may already have and waiving their co-pays. Your vendors will often provide you with free (or deeply discounted) products for such a program.

So keep your staff out of the big-box optical stores. Provide them with a great experience and a terrific pair of glasses; your sales will thank you.


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Patricia Basile

Patricia Basile

Pat Basile has extensive experience in customer service, management and laboratory operations in the optical field. Licensed in Connecticut and certified by the ABO and NCLE, she has worked in both the large chain stores and in private practices. This gives her a unique perspective in knowing the competition and how best to survive the competitive era that we find ourselves in. She firmly believes that the consumer is much better served at the small, independent and caring optical practice, where they deliver more personal attention to the details that are so important to ensure that a great eye exam is followed by providing excellent eyewear. Pat will listen to your concerns, help you identify those things that can be done to bring your practice to the next level. Some of these things may include setting goals, training optical staff, inventory control and product mix.