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Building a successful optometry practice: 3 must-read tips


The road to success for today’s independent optometrists can be challenging. Many ODs seek out a mentor or expert to help them reach their business goals and focus on what matters most.

For many ODs across the globe, that mentor has been Dr. Neil Gailmard.

Dr. Neil Gailmard, OD, MBA, FAAO, knows a thing or two about creating a successful optometry practice. He is a leading authority on optometry practice management and is an author and professor who has given hundreds of lectures at major industry conferences. To top it off, he is the Chief Optometric Officer at IDOC and CEO of Gailmard Eye Center, one of the highest grossing OD practices in the United States.

Dr. Gailmard is the creator of the popular weekly newsletter that’s had ODs and industry insiders checking their inboxes since 2002, the Optometric Management Tip of The Week. What began as a way for Dr. Gailmard to share ideas with other optometrists quickly grew in popularity, with some tips garnering hundreds of email responses from readers. 15 years and over 800 tips later it is one of the most popular publications in optometry, with over 25,000 subscribers. This success led Dr. Gailmard to write a book based on the Tip of the Week series, the new Practice Management in Optometry: A Blueprint for Success Based on the Optometric Management Tip of the Week.  The book will be a comprehensive guide to practice management and can be used as a reference guide for ODs or a textbook for optometry students.

Dr. Gailmard’s favorite tips are those that have been proven as success markers for ODs. In his own words, here are three of Dr. Gailmard’s top tips for taking your practice to the next level.

Tip 431: Customer Service

“I think customer service is the most important factor in building a successful practice,” says Gailmard. “Most ODs think they understand this, but they don’t go far enough. The patient’s perception of the practice is shaped mostly by staff interaction. To patients, the staff is the practice.”

Tip 774: Be Efficient

“Delegation is the key to success in practice; efficiency and profit occur when services are delivered by a team.”

Tip 287: Optical Dispensing

“This tip also happened to be the topic for Tip #1! It was updated for #287, but readers have consistently mentioned it to me as one of their favorites,” said Gailmard. “Creating a successful business model is as important as providing top notch health care for patients.”

For more tips and information, pick up a copy of Dr. Gailmard’s book, available now, and subscribe to his newsletter to receive the latest “Tip of the Week”.

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